Thursday, October 19, 2006

Over the Celtic Sea

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Weather: Marvelous - cold interior.

John and I awake from a brief and uncomfortable nap to a warm wet cloth from Hans, a career flight attendant and Fritz, an Abyssinian (feigning marriage).

Children should be seen and not heard. Mercifully, not an Arab in sight, but filthy with Indians. One would think this was an excursion to Calcutta or Mumbai.

John, sporting a fuller figure after his recent (but successful) bout with anorexia, struggled to put his shoes on. I had to ask, "Which will it be today, Cinderella, toes or heels?"

We land inauspicously in Frankfurt.

As a symbol of German efficiency, our connecting gate for the flight to St. Petersburg is closed - no one is allowed to sit within the gate area and wait until shortly before the flight boards. One wonders where one spends one's time if one has a long layover in Frankfurt. For the moment, we park like vagabonds along the walls of the terminal concourse.

Fortunately, our layover is not extensive and we board for the next leg of our adventure. More to come...

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