Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ok, So It's Not Part of the Trip

The Gates, Central Park, February, 2005

I actually took some photographs in Central Park when Cristo installed "The Gates" in February of 2005. I thought it was pretty cool, but I still wish they had left them up longer than they did. As you see in the pictures, it was clear and sunny the day they unveiled, but we got some snow while they were up. I would like to have seen how they looked in the park as spring arrived, flowers started to bloom, and trees started to leaf out.

Enough blathering. Here are a couple of shots as they are unrolling the drapes on the gates.

This was the view from Belvedere Castle, looking across to the Great Lawn.

Looking toward the Upper West Side across The Lake. The tall building in the background was the inspiration for the big scene in "Ghost Busters."

The next weekend, it snowed! The shot is looking toward Central Park South.

This was the view from the UES of the Reservoir.